Just lie down™ ... and relax...

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Just lie down™ ... and relax...

That is all that it takes. 


The POW'r Napper® was crafted to help you relax.  If you can find 15 minutes and a place to lie down, the POW'r Napper® was designed to help maximize your time. 

When you lie down flat, your body's natural curves go flat, which causes serious stress on the back, head, neck, everything.  The POW'r Napper® attempts to place your body in a joint-neutral position.  It rocks!  For the price of a bad massage, you can use the POW'r Napper® over and over.

The cushions are sculpted for you in America, that's right, manufacturing in the USA! 


Still skeptical?

Try it.  If you don't like it, return it within 30 days for a full purchase price refund.  That's right, the entire purchase price (not including shipping and handling charges).

Try it.  People love their POW'r Napper® and take the cushions with them all over the world to fight off the travel slouch, bad beds and jet lag.


Find the Bodythotic that fits YOU

Post-Exerice Relief!


After exercise, it is important to correctly reposition the body neutrally.  The POW'r Napper® was designed for the rigors of the professional baseball player who is required to physically perform every day for 7-8 months.  This physical grind causes repetitive stress injuries that the POW'r Napper® was designed to help prevent.

It is great to lie down and relax after a game.  Try it, especially right before going to bed on a day where you exercised.  Refreshing!

Don't wake up tighter and more stressed.  Try the POW'r Napper®!

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