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The POW'r Napper ®

Stress? Trouble sleeping? Groggy?


The POW'r Napper® positions the whole body in neutral so you can relax very quickly. 

The POW'r Napper® does not require drugs, batteries, stinky creams or goofy exercises. 

Just lie down and relax. 

Designed by a professional baseball Athletic Trainer, it is now being used in offices, hotels and homes everywhere.

Try it for 30 days, and if you do not like it, return for a complete refund of the purchase price.  No questions asked.

The POW'r Napper® -- Bodythotic™  was made so that it can be conveniently tucked away anywhere. 

The POW'r Napper® is thinner than a carry-on suitcase to provide mobile napping anywhere in the world.
You will no longer have an excuse for a stiff neck and sore back while travelling on business and will increase the pleasure of pleasure travel because the POW'r Napper® Bodythotic
can be taken just about anywhere!


*For all orders to be shipped outside of the USA, email r_apollo@hotmail.com first to determine shipping charges.  Thank you.  Happy Napping!


Shoulder Problems? Click here for shoulder/ neck pain relief!  

Don't wait! Start relaxing now!

Power Nappers of the world, unite!

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