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Don't you wish that a cushion would be shaped to fit your body?
 The POW'r Napper was designed for that specific problem.
 Try it, see for yourself! 

Cradles your body in comfort, helping you to relax quickly and effortlessly.

Sweat-Free Yoga--in a size that fits you!

The Bodythotic for YOUR body

The POW'r Napper®

Developed to provide complete stress relief in less than fifteen minutes by providing neutral positioning-relief therapy.

  Basically, The POW'r Napper® supports you in the position that your body should be in so that your muscles can relax very quickly. 

Our bodies become tight, sore and contorted after a full day of hunching over our computers, fighting traffic, kids, and running errands.  Repeating this process day-in and day-out causes long-term stress that can be eliminated by these foam cushions that are scientifically designed to place your body in a more neutral, relaxed position.


The POW'r Napper®


I am a power napper and proud of it!

Power Nappers of the world, unite!

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